Hello and thank you for visiting my new blog. As implied in the title, it will contain some of my contemplations on ascension. In addition however, we will also explore some current events and sociopolitical issues, maybe some interesting stories and happenings, and, possibly, even an attempt or two at humor. Love and laughter are, after all, two things that make our human species so special.

Some years ago now I woke up (or perhaps re-awoke?) and began a personal search for what we assume to be “the truth”. An atheist and intellectual at the time, what I discovered opened my eyes to the injustices being perpetrated all around us by an elite few who consider themselves our superiors due to bloodline and circumstance. Atheism was as much a trap and a crutch (an opiate if you will[sic]) as the religions themselves. The seeming rebellion of the academic viewpoint was just the other side of a psychological ploy engineered at the highest levels to keep us frightened and confused, not just begging for the scraps of those at the top but fighting to the death for them…

Pardon my digression, these topics and more will be touched on again here I’m sure, but my point at the moment was my intended goal for the site. That would depend on who you are. If you like what I’m saying then I hope this blog inspires you to speak up about these things as well. We create our own reality as a collective society. We need to speak up and get the message out because our time to do so is getting shorter and shorter.

On the other hand, you may think I am completely off my rocker (you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. LOL). But if that is the case, even you only read this blog to hate on me,  I hope you at least take a second look at the concepts discussed. I believe in approaching things with a skeptical mind myself, just don’t let it cloud your better judgement.

Some food for thought before I sign off. If anyone still doubted the pope was an evil, child molesting, reptilian psychopath, the universe just threw a little wrench in your argument. “His Holiness” (sarcasm thickly implied) had his big speech in Spain cut short due to a thunderstorm…a sign from god perhaps? Ah the irony round here is thicker than the ozone in Spain on Friday…(you know, because of the rain…:))