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Hello to all. There are a few discussions I have today; the first would be to clarify a couple of things from the previous post. I will also get into some talk of the currently shifting energies around us along with some pertinent current events and articles. Finally will be a discussion of the “whatis-theplan” forum which I cancelled my membership to yesterday: why I cancelled it, and how I feel this relates to the shifting energies concept mentioned above. I will also discuss the validity of any such movement if we accept the inevitability of ascension. (This last topic was meant to be posted yesterday but I unfortunately fell asleep before I got it written. I have kids and prefer to work while they sleep…this can lead to some late nights.)

My last post ended with some rather unkind words regarding the Pope. While I stand by those comments and retract nothing, I would like to clarify my overall position on religion itself as a review of my previous discussion showed I painted a somewhat harsher picture of the subject as a whole than I intended.

I have no problem with the concept of religion (as in the struggle of man to connect with god, the infinite oneness, etc.). This is a valid and important pursuit. My problem is with the control paradigm so apparent in the religious structure (this is more so in the Judeo/Christian/Islamic branches however the touch of darkness and control extends to all religions to a point). One man gets to talk to God and then dictate his interpretation to the mindless herd..Please! This is ridiculous and an obvious power play by the PTB of prehistory to maintain control through the ages with subtle psychological manipulation. Sadly, this manipulation actually brings us further from the truth.

This is the basis for my disparaging words. In my opinion the Pope is the personification of all that is wrong with religion as we perceive it. For an interesting academic (although rather unorthodox) take on the manipulation of religion through the ages check out this book by Joseph Farrell.


What I would like bring up here is how a shift in universal energy may be causing some of the recent earth/societal disturbances both large and small. Things are ramping up big time on the inter-dimensional planes and I think the results are spilling over into our current 3d reality.

Earthquakes in Colorado and the US East Coast yesterday and, as of this writing, a new quake in Northern Peru today. Things are definitely getting interesting (maybe even scary to the unaware). This shift in energy may also be responsible for any turmoil being experienced on a more personal level as we are all one with the universe. (that’s OK though, change is good:))

In regard to scary things, here is a link to some new Fukushima info. I don’t post this to frighten but to remind all healers and concerned individuals to still send positive energy that direction. THE PROBLEM IS STILL THERE and it is not only affecting Japan but the rest of the world as well. There is also a little “Fuk” info here, along with some other nice points to debunk the conspiracy debunkers.

In regard to not scary things, here are a couple of great articles to check out regarding ascension. The first is a letter sent to the urbansurvival.com site (always recommended reading). You should read the whole post but what I want to point out is the letter from “wujo girl” near the end…great stuff. As the universe is apt to do when I am on the right track, it also led me to this great article on ascension101.com. An older post but still pertinent, I will be bringing this one up again a little later.


As I mentioned earlier, I was an active member on the WhatIs-ThePlan. org forum. For those unfamiliar with what this is, here is my take on it: I came upon the site about a month or so ago. Early on, it seemed a public part of the anonymous hacking collective but as time went on the site eventually seemed to define itself as separate (although interested in the same goals). It seemed (and may be) a good place for peaceful activists to meet up and help make a difference together. This is a very cursory take and you can make up your own mind about the site by visiting it at the above link.

What I would like to discuss is why I left the forum, and how my reasons why can apply to other peaceful protest movements (including the current, CIA influenced, colored revolutions in the Middle East). In the age of ascension, these movements may be unnecessary or even harmful.

My reason for leaving the site stemmed from a rather bizarre rumor on the forum (one that I thought was backed by enough evidence to possibly be true). I won’t get into detail here but the rumors involved certain founding/high ranking members of the forum using it a recruitment device for their Cassiopeian cult. I realize this sounds a little “out there” and, as the site maintains, this could very well be a COINTELPRO tactic to derail the group. I, however, had enough doubts to convince me to leave.

My reason was that what had once seemed a free and open online community had fallen into the same control paradigm as the very matrix we seek escape. It is this that brings me to the final point today. Are these protest movements actually harmful to those involved? I will admit to being completely into the anon concept as a way to help awake an inspire the masses.Unfortunately, as time goes on, these movements all seem to fall into an US vs THEM mentality; the fear/control paradigm again.

We may be perpetuating the reptilian problem/reaction/solution model even as we try to dismantle it. Check out the ascension101 link I posted earlier for how to fight the PTB with the powers of love and forgiveness. In this age of ascension we can’t fight the will of the universe; perhaps we are best fighting our battles on the spiritual level.