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Good day (or night, depending when I get this posted and where you are) to all. Today we will run through a couple of news stories that are making the rounds which I think bring up some good points regarding the matrix/control structure.

First, the global revolution has made its way to Chile in the form of massive student and labor protests. The protests have been going on and off there this year due mainly to students anger over the immense costs of higher education (maybe this feels familiar to some students here in the states?). No problem here, peaceful protests for change. Unfortunately, as with the situation in London, things soon deteriorated.

Whether this is due to a few bad eggs, agent provocateurs, or intentional planning is irrelevant. The problem is that the well-meaning masses are playing into the hands of the Powers that be. The system can never be defeated by fear and violence, the same means it uses to control us. We are outgunned at every point and too much civil unrest is just another step toward the PTB’s desired goal of martial law. If you want to hit ’em where it hurts, go for the pocket book…quit buying their shit! (both figuratively and literally).

This said, what is more frustrating to me than the violence itself is the fact that it is perpetrated against those who have nothing to do with causing the issues at hand. Burning down local grocery and furniture stores does nothing. It is selfish and damages the very communities an intelligent protester would like to have on their side. If one were to take the violent road to revolution, the best way would not be to burn down your own neighborhood but that of the oppressors, govt. structures, etc. C’mon people, wake the fuck up!

So, rumor has it now that Ingvar Kamprad who founded the IKEA company was more than just a Nazi sympathizer. This really isn’t very surprising as many current companies and organizations were founded (at least in part) by Nazis. Volkswagon, for instance, as well as the majority of the Big Pharma corps., NASA and the CIA. I suspect myself that at least some, if not most or all, of these companies have similar moral compulsions as their Nazi forefathers. It would be nice to see some public outrage directed at the pharmaceutical industry in particular. I won’t delve to far down this rabbit particular rabbit hole today but anyone curious about the validity of my assumptions on this might want to start their research here.

Perhaps you’ve already heard that The National Academy of Sciences has declared vaccinations to be safe. This, of course, is backed up by a good deal of research…which means we’re safe, right…? The world’s problems are finally over!…Oh, wait a minute, what if these studies cited were picked specifically because their results supported the hypothesis? Better still, what if the people funding the studies in the first place wanted to prove the same hypothesis?

The point being that just because the Natl. Acad. of Sci. says something, that doesn’t necessarily make it true. There are some extremely wealthy people out there (the aforementioned Nazis perhaps?) with a lot to lose if vaccines were to suddenly be declared unsafe.  I would be willing to bet money that these interested parties had a hand in funding the studies used to prove their point.

The scientists involved in the studies may have had no idea what was going on or they may have created intentionally one-sided studies in order to receive funding. I’m not saying they did this with malicious intent. After all, if you are approaching this from the viewpoint of the sheeple, that these vaccinations are necessary and beneficial, then a result proving the status quo on this would be a positive thing. It’s not that these people are stupid, in fact, they are doctors and scientists; pillars of the academic community. So why is it that they would be so blind to any evidence contrary to the status quo?

Anyone who graduates with an advanced degree has spent a lot of time in an institution. It may not be a mental institution or a prison but  those who leave it successfully do so with the same result. They are now a functioning part (in theory) of the system. A doctor just has that much more to lose when their paradigm crumbles around them and true reality sets in. Not that all academics are brainwashed tools by any means. There are many people who get through the education system (higher and lower) with their minds intact and others who regain their senses later. This is simply an explanation for the actions of those who would seem to attempting to poison us

In addition, our science approaches problems from a standpoint in which  certain assumptions (theories) are considered as fact. This is often the case regarding ancient history, evolution, etc. (not that I think all these theories are necessarily wrong, just unproven). A review of history shows that scientific fact is a fleeting thing. A case in point would be this article about  how clouds contain a hitherto unknown particle that helps keep them together. I have a feeling that science as most of us know it is about to be turned on its head in the coming years anyway.

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