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(Note: I started writing this on Saturday, hence the hurricane reference,)

Salutations to all. Hurricane Irene is currently rolling up the East Coast, riding a wave of MSM inspired fear. I myself have been hiding from the desert sunshine and reading an article in the new issue of Time. A pretty decent one in fact, about how our campaign against the terrorists of al-Shabab helped cause the current famine over in Somalia. Of course it also brings up a couple of other causes of the famine such as desertification due to”climate change” (the new “global warming”, nothing like renaming something when the peeps (or sheep?) catch on to what complete bullshit it is). It also never mentions the root causes of the problem. Problems that stem, as many of them do, from the elitist control agenda.

Somalia is not a nation cursed by some vindictive God to starvation. The rape of Somalia began with European colonization and continues today as part of the psychopathic elite’s ( I’m calling them elites for now but a little later I will get to new and much more appropriate name for this bunch …one much more fitting…) never-ending power grab. This, along with IMF austerity measures and more is what really caused this famine. This article has the whole story, in much better detail (and, alas, it is much more articulately written as well).

Now, speaking of the power elites. There is a great post on the half past human website that I think proposes an excellent new name for these douchebags or as I will be referring to them on this blog from this point forward, ass clowns. (There is more to the post as well and I would recommend that anyone interested in what I have to say here check it out if they haven’t already.)

Back to the point, however, the elitists, controllers, powers that be, etc. will be known only as ass clowns on this blog. Not “the” ass clowns, as that would intone some measure of respect. Just ass clowns. Who knows, maybe people will start reading this blog and the name will catch on. I think it’s quite fitting and I personally find it quite satisfying to flip my middle finger at those ass clowns in charge every chance I get.