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On Sunday night I watched the second half of a show called Living for the Apocalypse. Nothing special here (although one family did have some pretty cool ideas for a self-sustaining lifestyle); my point in mentioning this is that it is yet another example of end times/2012 media saturation. To drive the point home, even a recent commercial for Metamucil described the product as “so 2012” (which, while in context is a positive connotation, it also implies, in context once again, that the coming year will be something new in many ways…(maybe this a bit of a stretch but bear with me, please)). Now, I believe this latter example (and possibly the former as well) is simply the result of marketers following the current social trends and interests. The idea here, however, is that the end times/ascension/2012 concept is thick in the air of the collective subconscious.

The question then, is why. A recent letter to the urban survival blog suggested that we, as living beings on our planet, are essentially being harvested for an emotional “product” we produce. I know this statement is way “out there” but I hope any who may discount the suggestion as lunacy read the post (it will also help in comprehending my following argument). Here is a sample (I’m re-posting a paragraph of the original letter, the rest can be found by hitting the above link and scrolling down to the bottom half of the post from 8-30-11).

“Strong emotion creates product. Don’t forget this. All organic life creates or emanates product. Clear cutting live grasses or brush creates product, killing animals, or any living being that feels creates product, getting angry at your spouse emanates product and so on, from fight or flight, to all range of emotions. The chaos is what rules in this age and this age ends very soon. With the end of each old age the collapse of the old seems to be the case and so with that we expect a large harvest coming, explaining all the mass UFO sightings and we expect perhaps upwards of 4.5 billion to perish as the new age births. With birth is birth pains and that will be the case no matter if you buy this reality or not. Sadly that could include us being among those that perish but thats why we came at this time, its as much in our best interest to go for it moving forward with love as it is to do something negative because in our natural state we have as much interest in this harvest and what it means to all consciousness as anyone else even the creator.”

It rings with an odd and rather dark truth to me. This is not to say, however that I agree with authors beliefs 100%. In fact, I think that while there is certainly true knowledge to be gained from this person’s insight, that he has been led somewhat astray by ass clowns (my new (albeit borrowed) term for the controlling elite, both terrestrial and inter-dimensional).

These ass clowns in particular would be what a response to this concept already posted on Urban Survival referred to as the Annunaki. Annunaki is a term, however, that people apply to a wide range of inter-dimensionals/extraterrestrials. Not all of these groups have ill intentions for us and my argument here is that the creator (Annunaki) referred to in this person’s letter would actually be more akin to the reptilians referred to in the work of David Icke. Mr. Icke even delves into the same concept but his theory implies it is only the product of negative emotions that are desired by the reptilian ass clowns. I would imagine if such ether, and technology to harvest it, existed any “product” would have value. Perhaps different (other-dimensional/extraterrestrial)races would be apt to value certain product more than another due their vibrational frequency (ie. low vibration = desire for base emotional product (fear, anger, etc.). What I don’t really buy in this concept is that a/the creator (as in an omnipotent god in the Judeo/Christian/Islamic vein) would have any interest in harvesting this product as they could just as easily manifest it themselves.

This is why I find it much more likely that this is more an agenda of an interfering group as opposed to the plan of a supreme creator. Tying this in to my introduction here, I propose that the ever-increasing fear mongering is a last-ditch effort by inter-dimensional ass clowns to harvest all the “product” they can as their time is just about up. It seems the top product these days is fear. From the emphasis in the news on the most base and vile in our society to the false flag attacks, wars, etc. These are all part of a vile plan that is in the process of falling to pieces. We can choose to fall prey to this fear or we can stand up to ass clowns of all kinds and, with love and forgiveness, tell them to get the fuck off our planet.