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On the table today is drugs. Not necessarily a glass table however, as we will mostly be discussing the idea of drugs as way to self-improvement or even enlightenment (the glass table would be for cocaine, which is not, in any of my experience, very enlightening at all). This said, one cannot discuss the positive side of drugs without also taking into consideration the negative. I will also mention a personal experience of mine involving a little (or maybe it was a lot ;)) of weed.

There are many positive benefits to MDA, acid, shrooms, and other psychedelics. They open your mind to the higher dimensions and inspire true feelings of our human comradery. People often report seeing complex shapes and patterns on psychedelics which, in my opinion, is likely our brains trying process a reality we have never seen before and attempting to fill in the unknown using one of the most basic yet important functions of our 3d body computer, sacred geometry (and the creative properties thereof). The possibility of the sheeple using these drugs as a “jumpstart” to enlightenment (as in the cultural revolution of the 1960’s) is why they are illegal.

With the illegality of drugs comes their downside. When ass clowns (aka the powers that be) made drugs illegal (a long and sordid tale in itself which I won’t delve into here; check out this documentary for a good look at how the criminalization of marijuana played out in the public eye), the benefit to them was three-fold. The people seeking enlightenment through the use of mind expanding drugs were criminalized and, consequently, their opinions on the subject were invalidated in the eyes of the masses. This, in turn, also provides, to a greater and greater extent today, slave labor for our ever-expanding American penal system. Third, and probably first in importance, it provided a source of untraceable income with which to fund a variety of black (as in secret) projects. The CIA and other black government agencies control not only the drug trade involving the low vibration drugs like heroin and cocaine(1), but, I would gamble, a large portion of the sales of most other chemically manufactured drugs as well. In addition, since its emergence in the 1960s, psychedelic imagery (and the subsequent art and concepts it inspired) has saturated essentially all aspects of art and media(2). While this is, in many ways, a good thing, one has to wonder, given that the people who run the media aren’t usually looking out for our best interests, what sinister ways they have tried to implement the concepts and imagery of the psychedelic movement. Whether they succeeded in their evil endeavors regarding this is debatable (in my opinion, it’s a big fat FAIL for them) and an argument best left for another day…

Psychedelics’ merits come alongside some arguable negative consequences. My lady Mary Jane also shares the problem of being illegal. When people are chopping off heads and killing kids to get your weed to you, it comes with a heavy price in terms of the energy the product will produce (by buying from what, eventually, is the CIA controlled Mexican drug cartels you are also contributing your hard-earned (or not) money to ass clowns). A socially concerned or energy sensitive person who is inclined to smoke should try to buy locally grown product or, at the least, something where the original source is known (if they can afford it). For those who smoke the regs, bear in mind the above warning and make a conscious effort to clear any negative energy before smoking (if that is indeed, what you, as a free and thinking adult, decide to do of course).

Rastafarians believe marijuana to be a key to enlightenment, so do some Hindus and Buddhists. It has been use by humans for at least 10,000 years as both industrial type hemp and the cannabinoid rich smokeable variety. “A Taoist priest wrote in the fifth century B.C. that Cannabis was employed by”necromancers, in combination with Ginseng, to set forward time and reveal future events””(3). To finish this off, I will relate a marijuana experience of my own (pardon me if the story comes off as a little hard to follow as these sort of experiences can be hard to relate in words).

There were a couple of times as a teenager when I got very stoned and the world around me suddenly seemed extremely awkward. As I was young at the time, I never realized what exactly I was feeling and assumed it was the marijuana induced paranoia the brainwash factory health class told us about. This was the last I thought of it for years. I got used to smoking, got older and learned better to take things in moderation.

Later in life however, I ended up at my friend’s house on our lunch break from work smoking copious amounts of high-grade herb (don’t knock it till you try it, lol). Jersey Shore was on the television, the one and only time I have seen it. As the brain-dead sheeple on the TV bickered on, I began to feel the awkward dissociation I recalled from those two occasions in High School. Instead of fighting it like in the past, however, I went with it.

It was a strange sensation, the closest I can come to explaining this sounds much like a description of a psychosis I heard once, as if my consciousness was separate from my ego and I could view the situation as it truly was. Us, sitting like zombies as we watched this trash designed to distract from our true potential. There was a palpable negativity in the air and it seemed to stretch for miles. The human state is currently an ugly thing in many ways it seemed, it was also obvious that it didn’t have to be. I know many would say this was simply dissociation brought on by drug use, but in reality, I had never been so lucid or seen the world through such unfettered eyes.


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