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While generally ignored as of late by the MSM lie factory, the Fukushima nuclear plant is still spewing radiation into our atmosphere and oceans. While it is good that the alternative media is getting the truth out regarding this ongoing catastrophe, the information is also causing a good deal of concern among the informed and (much to the delight of our ass clown hidden elite I’m sure) fear. Today’s discussion will be about the current events regarding the nuclear plant (here I will also touch on the rumor that this radiation may be good for us. There is a basis in truth for this claim as we shall see although whether is applies to the current situation is another matter) and the well justified fears over radiation exposure and cancer. Then, will see how cancer need not be as feared as it is by touching on some natural cures as well exposing some of the conspiracy to hide its cure.

This article tells some of the story of what the fuk[sic] is going on with the overall situation. Much more however, is still under-reported and, as the real story becomes clearer to the masses, the truth is slowly trickling out (like a molten reactor core through a cracked containment chamber). The radiation is more widespread, not only in Japan, but throughout the entire northern hemisphere than was originally reported by the MSM. Rainwater in the Pac. Northwest US was found to have elevated levels of radiation (this has also been reported on the East Coast). In short, we are (everyone in the Northern hemisphere, to at least some extent) being exposed to extra radiation.

A rumor out there regarding this is that the constant dose of poison we are receiving could actually be good for us. While some of the more farfetched ideas I’ve seen regarding this concept suggest prepping the planet for an alien invasion or ushering in our ascension by imbuing us with super powers, the truth to the rumor (in my humble opinion, anyway) stems from a much less fantastic source. The comment starting most of the hype was from Ann Coulter back in March when she suggested that exposure to radiation actually lessened one’s chances of getting various kinds of cancer. While she misspoke regarding the concept, her comments did sprout from a grain of truth.

What she was likely referring to is called radiation hormesis which would occur when “low level radiation stimulates biological defense mechanisms, and if given before exposure to high level radiation reduces induction of mutations caused by high level radiation” (Source: Nuclear War Survival Skills, by Cresson H. Kearny, 1979 Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine (rev. Ed. 1987, Addendum 2001)). As a Google search for the term will show, this is still a debatable subject. For instance, the opinion expressed in the book I cited above differs from that expressed in the Wikipedia definition I linked to (A note on Wikipedia: It is usually a trusted place to get factual information but can also be used as a disinformation tool by ass clowns).

The “mutations caused by high level radiation” manifest as cancer. One should note here however, that mainstream western medicine treatments also employ high level (albeit localized) radiation to fight cancer. It doesn’t take a Shakespearean Scholar to see the irony in this. There are other cures and treatments for cancer that actually repair the body as opposed to simply killing the cancer (which, in the process, harms the healthy cells as well). We don’t need to fear cancer (nor death itself, but that’s another matter entirely) as there has been a “cure” for it for years. As we shall see in the next paragraph, these cures have been suppressed for various reasons. What follows are just a few links to various alternative cancer treatments. I don’t endorse these personally as I, thankfully, have never needed them. If this is something that affects you, please do research and follow your heart to find the cure.





Some of the sites above have explanations as to why these treatments are dismissed by the mainstream and the answer, in short, comes down to money. It is much more profitable to treat the symptoms of a disease as opposed to curing the disease itself. Who would place profit in front of countless lives you ask?

The people at the top of the pharmaceutical corps. are picked by the major shareholders. Only a few generations back the majority of these companies were part of the Nazi death machine and the tradition of disrespecting human life continues in the corporate culture of these bigwigs (not to mention the “benefits” of reducing our pesky human population…). The majority of everyone else involved is simply brainwashed by a lifetime of being lied to by ass clowns. These doctors and scientists truly think they are helping and working towards a cure even as they create and promote the very poisons that help cause cancers in the first place.

The FDA also helps suppress information relating to cures for cancer as they are effectively just a tool of the pharmaceutical corps. The jimhumble.biz link above leads to a site which describes a chemical solution called MMS. In addition to cancer, you can use this product for a variety of ailments and as general health tonic as I have been doing for the past 1 1/2 years. Since following its cleaning protocol and using a once a week maintenance dose I have not gotten sick with so much as a cold since I began using it. (To put this in perspective, I have 4 school age children and have deliberately exposed myself to all manner of flu and cold in order to test the MMS). I don’t believe this could be a placebo effect as I approached taking the MMS as neutral experiment (if anything I thought it would not work as well as reported). The Wikipedia hit piece on MMS, however, claims that it is a poison and any benefit due to ingesting it is simply a placebo effect. Of course the article is based on FDA bullshit. Other people claim Mr. Humble is a snake oil salesman taking advantage of the sick. The problem with this is that he makes no money when people sell MMS. He charges $20.00 or so for his book that tells you how to make an unlimited supply. I spend $30 on enough MMS to last 3 to 6 months depending how much you use…I thought snake oil was expensive (hmmm).

These people bad mouthing something they obviously know nothing about is how the suppression works. “The authorities” say it’s so and now it’s fact. Conditioned to follow the herd, the sheeple now turn on any who defy the status quo, calling them things like stupid to make them feel better about their own ignorance and consequent fear. The MMS is but one mild example of this. Jim Humble has more about it in his book. Kevin Trudeau’s bestseller is also a good place learn about the hows and whys of FDA suppression. Get educated, get healthy and stand up for yourself!