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Today we will ignore the current events going on despite the fact that there are some interesting developments in this matrix of ours. Well, maybe I’ll touch on a couple of subjects that will make for good topics at a later date (there is so much asininity out there, I can’t help but take a stab at some of it). The main subject for today however, is how ass clowns (the powers that be) are fighting a losing battle. We will look at a few of their more recent attempts at flexing their muscles as well as some more long-term plans to strengthen their control and then we will see how, with every move they make, they are hastening their own demise (in the figurative sense, of course).

First we will take look at a few links to see what is going on in the world. What first caught my eye was a story I heard on HLN this morning regarding rewards for whistle blowers who out tax cheats. While I’m sure some of these tax cheats are real assholes, the biggest assholes are at the Federal Reserve. Just like “If you see something, say something” and other current Gestapo like tactics, this is ass clowns trying to divide us and get us fighting amongst ourselves instead of rooting out the real causes of our problems. Let’s stop snitching and start bitching…about the Federal Reserve scam (too long of a story for me to properly go into right now but this would be a good place to start researching the subject.)

Other stories an aware person might (or might not, as their preference may dictate) find interesting are an earthquake in Sumatra, various developments in the middle east(pick one), the ever more quickly collapsing world economy(the article will be old news as of tomorrow when this will likely be posted, but the concept will still be relevant) and this really big crocodile.

Through the ages, the elite rulers of this world (referred to around here as ass clowns), have use various tactics to maintain and expand their dominion over our planet. Some say that the longevity of this dominion is due to some superior intelligence, I however, propose otherwise (they have knowledge for sure, but that is different from intelligence). The ass clown leaders have been implementing their end-game plans but they aren’t working. Like the child who grows up and comes to the realization that their parents aren’t perfect, but sick, flawed and confused people, the people of earth are coming to realize that the ones who purport to be our betters are nothing more than bitter old dinosaurs desperately trying to maintain their unsustainable reality. What follows are just a few examples of how their current schemes are backfiring in their privileged, inbred faces.

The most prominent example that comes to mind is the swine flu fiasco. Following whistle-blower reports that outed the massive scam, the public lost even more confidence in the entire vaccination (ie. poison) industry. This, of course, is exactly the opposite reaction than was intended. The human immune system was enough to shut down their man-made parasite without any need of the pre-manufactured “cure”.

The endless wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have also begun to sour the western world on the war-for-profit way of life that has, up to this point, been the basis of our economies. Speaking of which (economies, that is), the job outsourcing that helped to decimate the western job market while raking in massive profits for ass clowns has turned many westerners against the idea of globalization (like the NWO kind of globalization). It is only a matter of time before the people in the third world countries where these jobs went realize they have been had by ass clowns as well and the whole scheme collapses.

At the heart of many of the current (and past, for that matter) movements for change are the young. The ones that ass clowns tried so hard to control are waking up and I would argue that this awakening has only been hastened by the actions of the aforementioned ass clowns. In order to keep them ignorant, the education system was dumbed down so that only the wealthiest received the best education (this is true in first and third world countries). Without knowledge of the elites’ symbology and traditions, however, the underprivileged masses lost a meaningful (to them) understanding of “the system” and with that understanding went respect. As they don’t respect the system they don’t respect those that run it either (hence, the controlling elite are now ass clowns). Through the internet (another plan gone wrong for ass clowns) the people have educated themselves and due to the ease with which we can obtain and share information (only a direct link to the Akashic records could be much better), we are awakening at faster and faster rates.

They can’t hide the truth forever. “The times they are a changin’ baby”, for everyone, and that includes ass clowns. Pump us full of chems, try to brainwash us…make our fucking day. Every effort they make to maintain control is like a rock in a stream, it may make some ripples but it will eventually be swallowed up and ground into sand. After all, you can’t fight universe.