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Today’s discussion will involve a story I came across today. It is an issue that while relatively meaningless in itself (aside from putting us one step closer to complete fascism), makes a good point of how people are psychologically manipulated by ass clowns (powers that be) to miss the root of the social problems they are seeking to fix. Fixing the symptoms as opposed to the cause of our problems is something that we see not only in medicine but all aspects of society and even the most well-intentioned among us can fall prey to this way of thinking (or lack thereof).

The state of Florida has passed the “pull your pants up” law, forcing young adults to ride their knickers higher up on their waists at school. (Now I should note here that, as a product of the 90’s and a fan of sagging pants myself, I am approaching this article with some degree of prejudice.) The senator who brought this into being originally wanted to ban sagging pants entirely but his lawmaking buddies apparently found that idea just slightly too ridiculous. WTF senator? I can understand how the older generation may not like this fashion choice but that is no reason to further restrict our civil liberties.

What this is (in my ever humble opinion, of course) is yet another concerned yet extremely misguided person unintentionally helping the very forces which he seeks to oppose. I am going to assume that Mr. Siplin (the man responsible for this) is attempting to better what he sees as a self-destructive youth (and for this particular argument, African-American) culture. As a black man himself he likely sees many troubles facing African-American youths and, seeing that he is in a position to help, makes an attempt to do just that. After all, a fashion that stems from prison culture (of which sagging pants does) must be a problem as it glorifies criminality. The problem is that he is focusing on one extremely minor symptom (if one could even consider it that) of a much larger social disease.

I would wager that the large majority of the kids targeted by this law have no clue where the sagging pants fashion even started. On top that, the problem is not that a fashion trend was inspired by prison culture, but why the fashion trend was inspired by prison culture. What is it that would make a large portion of the youth culture of the 80’s and 90’s (which is when this trend took off) find satisfaction in glorifying imprisonment? The answer to that stems back generations and, while youths of all races ride their pants low today, one must look at the persecution of African-Americans (by ass clowns) in particular to see the long-term social manipulation that would lead to these cultural perceptions.

Although one could trace this manipulation back until at least slavery times, we will be focusing on here on the ass clown manipulation of blacks in the post civil rights era. The (purported)attainment of equal rights for African-Americans is a relatively recent occurence and as such the recollections of persecution are still quite prominent in the collective subconscious of African-Americans. Ass clowns have took advantage of the mistrust these memories bring to manipulate public perception (of all races) to fit their agenda. Most prominently, they have used their typical double-speak tactics by condemning the crime bred by poverty on one hand while glorifying the exact same crimes in popular media. One example of this would be pimps and ho’s; while considered a blight on society by most, their lifestyle is (and has been for the last 30 to 40 years, to a certain extent) often glorified in music and film. Public perception is that there are a few misfits with influence who work only in the entertainment industry and promote this glorification of the obscene. At the highest levels, however, the same people are behind the promotion of both ends of the moral spectrum. It is these conflicting messages (applied to many more instances than just this) that keep us all in a state of constant indecision.

Groups like the black panthers refused to be swayed by the ass clown manipulation but were eventually brought down as well. COINTELPRO operatives discredited the organizations while the CIA (in name of ass clowns) flooded the black community with highly addictive drugs. In addition, we are surrounded by ass clowns telling us how we need money and material possessions. Unfortunately the only way to get these things when you don’t have money is through some illegal means (or go without, however, poverty is perceived as close to sin by the sheeple in a money centric society). By impressing the need for things on those who can’t afford them it breeds the very problems that our increasing laws, surveillance, and other social control methods are supposed to fix (a classic strategy for ass clowns – problem-reaction-solution). It is for these reasons and more that it would seem youth culture has taken to increasingly violent and antisocial behavior. Sagging pants are meaningless. If our politicians want to affect real change they should stop playing the sycophant to our ass clown elite, educate and inform themselves, and inspire the public to make a positive difference for themselves.

Some African-Americans believe (and I think they are correct), that they are the victims of an ongoing conspiracy to keep them oppressed. Due to that, and the overall implications of the article that inspired my tirade, I focused my argument to appeal to that perspective. The global conspiracy has nothing to with race, however and the tactics above are used on us all. It is about control and as long as we maintain that paradigm, as long as we create laws that force us to look or act a certain way, we are just inching ever closer a new kind of slavery. That of the human race to a bunch of inbred ass clowns.