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As the sleeping public awakens, it is more and more common these days for our war against terror to be perceived as a war about oil (I would argue that in Afghanistan it is more about drugs (as in control of the heroine supply) but that is beside the point here). However, as new conflicts arise in “the sandbox” there is always a new excuse as to why. Today we will take a quick overview of the situation in Libya as well as the brewing tensions between Turkey and Israel. Anything more than a cursory glance at these situations will make obvious the real reason for these conflicts. It is not the reasons largely promoted by the MSM (social and political freedoms in the former case and the Gaza flotilla incident in the latter), rather it is oil or, more importantly, the money generated by whoever controls that oil (and, as we shall see below, natural gas and commodities in general as well).

The current tension between Israel and Turkey is a relatively new situation in the region. As previously mentioned the problem is said to be about Israel’s heavy-handed reaction to last years Gaza flotilla raid.  There was tension immediately following the incident, it simmered down and is now boiling over again.

It should be mentioned here that the larger issue here is Israel itself. Although they condemn the terrorist acts of the Palestinians, Israel itself was created by “terrorist” groups who still hold sway over the county’s policies today. The idea of it being a Jewish Holy land to be reclaimed is just myth perpetuated by the Rothschild dynasty to justify in the eyes of the world the creation of what is essentially their own private state. A nation created, quite literally, with land stolen from under the feet of the Palestinians. This subject goes much deeper but I don’t want to digress any further from the topic at hand; someone interested in checking the validity of these claims might want to check out David Icke‘s research (some of his stuff is a little out there for people (some people, anyway) but his research on this is spot on and generally well cited).

Now, back to the issue at hand. What could have rekindled this flame of anger? I believe the answer can be found in this Israel National News article. It involves the island of Cyprus (a part of which Turkey holds claim to without the recognition of the International community) and Turkey’s threats to attach if the American owned Noble energy company drills there for natural gas. The following is from the article:

“The threat to attack Cyprus, reported by Globes, concerns “Block 12,” where the American-based Noble Energy firm plans to explore for gas. It is located north of the Israeli oil and gas field Leviathan, which Hizbullah has warned belongs to Lebanon.

Both gas fields are thought to contain huge gas reserves, with the Leviathan field already having been determined to be the largest natural gas discovery in the world in recent years.”

It may not be oil but it is the new big thing in energy. Apparently Turkey isn’t too keen on the western Illuminati getting both of these big deposits. As our limited resources grow ever smaller this could be something we see more and more of (not that we have to, there are better and cleaner ways to create and power technology but ass clowns have been keeping this tech to themselves to keep their POS machine running). But what about the situation on the other side of the Mediterranean?

Libya is now in the process of rooting out Gadhafi and the last of his boys and starting their new government. It’s interesting to note here that the acting prime minister is not Libyan. Hmm, I wonder if he was elected or appointed… It looks like since Gadhafi decided not to play ball, ass clowns found someone who would. Not that I’m claiming the former despot was a nice guy (ultimate power ultimately corrupts after all and, in some cases in our current, negative matrix, corruption can lead to ultimate power) but among some other not so evil things he did (like providing free healthcare and electricity) was actually something he didn’t do, sell out to the western bankster illuminist ass clowns. The Libyan banking system was state-owned and consequently, out of the Rothschild’s control. One can decide for themselves if this was the real reason for the manufactured Libyan revolution or if it had more familiar goal.

Libya has the largest oil reserves in Africa, after all. It wouldn’t be the first time we traded our blood as a collective society for that of our mother earth. There is something else in Libya, however that may be even more valuable. Water scarcity is a fast growing issue around the world and Libya has enormous reserves. While this issue is generally ignored by the MSM, I would be interested to see who ends up owning the rights to this water when the dust settles. One would assume that control of the aquifers would be retained by the Libyan nation however, with a new government friendly to NATO interests who will likely want something in return for their aid in the “revolution”, we may see a different picture. Water privatization may be just what the ass clowns ordered.

Whatever the true causes of the Middle Eastern conflicts may be, they are certainly not the ones perpetuated by the lies of the MSM. The murder for money (oil, gas, commodities etc.) will continue until we, as a collective, awakened society force these ass clowns in power to release their hidden technologies and go back to hiding under the rocks and dung piles from whence they came.