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In my last post I touched on the idea of suppressed technologies. Not soon after I put the thought out there, things began popping up everywhere I looked regarding this subject. Seeing as the universe likes to work in these subtle ways, I figure maybe this is a subject that I should touch on again (or, maybe I’m simply following the collective subconscious herd on this…one can guess for themselves but I prefer the former explanation). We will take a look at a link for an upcoming film about the same subject and have a quick discussion as to how valid the claims regarding the existence of this technology really are. I’m not an expert on this stuff at all, just a curious and somewhat intelligent observer/participant so it won’t be the most academically grueling take on the subject, as usual around here, just a little something to (hopefully) get you thinking.

I found a link to the YouTube trailer of this movie on one of my favorite websites, urbansurvival.com. The film’s promoters are trying to get it viral so if you see it on here and like it, spread the word…if we all speak up loud enough on this they will have no choice but to give us what we want (they’ll have to eventually anyway but the sooner the better). You can check out the trailer to Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take on its own website by hitting the link.

While the trailer appears to have some good points to make, I’m sure the more skeptical observer may wonder if there is any substance to the claims being made. After all, with so many people interested in solutions to our energy woes and so much previous research out there from which to springboard ideas, someone should have made some advancements in these “free energy” technologies. Of course, this can’t be proven without physical proof of those technologies, which is something we have yet to see. The question to be asked here then, is such suppression of these technologies for decades possible? A little research will prove that it is indeed possible, has happened in the past, and is occurring to this day as part of an ongoing effort to perpetuate an increasingly antiquated ass clown (elitist/illuminist) power paradigm.

Nicola Tesla is certainly a forefather of modern “free energy” concepts, he is also a good example of how free energy ideas are suppressed. Tesla was rumored to have created an efficient and unlimited source of energy. When his principal source of funding, J.P. Morgan, discovered that the technology in question was not going to result in an increase in profits and would, in fact, decimate the entire energy industry (in which Mr. Morgan and his ass clown contemporaries held a significant stake). he quickly cut funding for the project. Despite such promising possibilities, Tesla never again attained the success he had prior to this incident and died poor, and considered by many at the time (and some today) to be something of a madman. There is much more to the story, Joseph P Farrell has nice and well researched overview in Babylon’s Banksters.

Another example of this suppression in history is the case of Wilhelm Reich. While this may cross over into the category of FDA suppression, it still serves as a prime example of government suppression of technology (right here in the “land of the free”). Mr. Reich proposed some rather unusual ideas throughout his career however, the one that really caught the ire of Uncle Sam was the concept of orgone and, more importantly, the “accumulators” he invented to collect it. Despite their burgeoning popularity at the time, these orgone accumulators were banned by the FDA and the orgone concept dismissed to this day as pseudo science. Dr. Reich even did jail time for continuing to sell them after the ban. (Orgone accumulators and the instructions for making them can be found today online, I haven’t tried them myself and so can’t vouch for their authenticity. Orgonite is a more modern version of the concept that I plan to touch on here another time.) The weird thing about the situation is that in addition to the ban on the accumulators, the government literally burnt the Dr.’s files on the subject. If the orgone idea was pure nonsense (as was claimed by the FDA), then why the hell go through the trouble of destroying everything related to it. I don’t think that simple bureaucratic stupidity is enough to explain away this one.

So if this suppression is really happening, the question is how? Someone must be pulling some strings. It would have to be a comparatively (to the developed world’s population) small group and this group would have to wield immense political and monetary power. The concept of a global control conspiracy (which would be, essentially, the only way to suppress these new technologies effectively) is often scoffed at as a paranoid delusion however, a recent study says otherwise.

nearly 4/10 of the control over the economic value of TNCs in the world is held, via a complicated web of ownership relations, by a group of 147 TNCs in the core, which has almost full control over itself”.Source: Planetsave (http://s.tt/138oe)

While this may not prove this suppression concept irrefutably, one should remember that the scientific method is much more effective at proving things false as opposed to true. The evidence here makes a point that this technological (not to mention medicinal and even spiritual) suppression does exist and that the social/economic circumstances still exist in which it can continue. This will only change when enough people wake up to truth and make their voices heard. After all, do we really want to play the serf to the energy baron assholes?