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(Before I begin, a note to any readers out there. I originally planned for this to be a daily blog however, as of late, my paying job has been taking up more of my time that I like and so I have less time to fight the good fight on here. I will have at least one post a week on here until my schedule mellows out a bit, hopefully more…thanks for reading).

First, for those not aware (and there may be some who aren’t), Saturday the 17th was a “day of rage” in which protesters set out to occupy Wall Street. People may not be aware of this due to the fact that it has gotten nearly zero media MSM coverage. The day before the event, my CNN news app had a couple of blogs about it…a little fear mongering, perhaps? On the morning of the event, HLN had a blurb regarding it, however I never saw anything more in depth. The other mainstream news sites/channels have been no better.

Given the asinine dribble that constitutes the majority of the mainstream news stories, I guess I shouldn’t find it surprising that a more socially relevant event such as this would be completely ignored. Here is an MSNBC article on it, however. More proof that the protests are really going on can be found here. I would venture a guess that the corporate controllers behind the MSM will only pay more attention to this event right now if it degrades into violence. I don’t think it will as it hasn’t yet (we will have to see what happens if business becomes disrupted and ass clowns decide to release the NYPD to help “keep the peace”). These peaceful, intelligent protests don’t portray their participants in the kind of light the dickbags in power want so they do their best to convince the rest of the country that the protests aren’t happening at all. Or, in the case of the MSNBC article, emphasize the aspect of police control over the situation (while the article gives the protester’s side, a careful read will show that it also make references throughout the article to how the people have been confined to certain areas…it gets the ignorant fearful while assuring those who would actually have something lose if there were changes on Wall Street that all is under control.)

While the day of rage may have some dubious supporters, I believe the vast majority of people involved with this have the best of intentions. One can’t get much worse than the banksters on Wall Street after all. Hopefully the protesters stick with this in a peaceful fashion until people take notice and something changes for the better.

The second topic I want to touch on today is the resurgence of talk about secret moon bases. I don’t want to argue the claim’s validity here as I am sure there are plenty of people out there already doing so. What I want to do is point out how articles like the one above have been more popular lately. Lately, as in around the release of the Apollo 18 movie. The reason why, I will leave up to the reader after suggesting a few possibilities.

In my opinion, the simplest, most matrix friendly explanation for this would be that the pending and post release of the film created a subconscious interest among people regarding the subject. The sinister implications of the film further inspired the conspiratorial thinking we are now seeing. In short it is simply a Hollywood inspired trip by the tinfoil hat crowd down the road of lunacy.

Another explanation would be that there really is/are a secret bases/bases on the moon and the resurgence of popularity regarding the topic and the release of the film coinciding is simply that – a coincidence.

Yet another plausible (to me anyway, lol) explanation here would be that the universal consciousness is trying to tell us something. In some instances the message is pure, in others it may corrupted by the Hollywood magicians (the traditional staff of the druidic warlocks/conjurors were made from the wood of the Holly tree, or hollywood). Regardless of presentation however, this message is repeated over and over. Disclosure is imminent and we are not alone. Will these entities be evil, kind or something in between? We will only find out when the time arrives. However, before one gets too frightened by the Hollywood creatures and government approved fear mongering, the might do well to remember that fear is exactly what keeps these ass clowns in control.