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Before we begin: As noted in my previous post, the media blackout on the Occupy Wall Street protests continues. Check out the link to see what you can do to help support this movement.

Aside from the above comment, I will not be bringing up any current events today despite the fact that there are many to discuss. Rather, I want to discuss the soul-searching and self-realization (not necessarily pleasant) that comes along with awakening. I will touch on some of my own experiences as examples of what one may feel in these swiftly changing times. In addition, we will take a look at a couple of other opinions on the matter as well. Nothing preachy here but many topics regarding this subject tend to gloss over the personal struggles involved therein. Not that this is negative take, just something that others going through the same thing may relate to (and perhaps find a little solace, in knowing they are not the only ones to have the same concerns and emotions).

The title to this post was taken from the classic (damn it, I must be getting old as I listened to this in high school…) song, Hurt, by Nine Inch Nails. This is a thought that still comes to me at points of self-reflection. Not that I’m a bad person, I think with some deep refection we will all see some things we dislike in ourselves. An important thing to remember is that these negative traits are not reflective of our true souls but rather the social conditioning forced upon us by the system/machine/matrix in which we reside (in which we chose to reside, if one accepts my take (borrowed from that of others) on the spirituality thing). These problems are the microcosmic reflection of the problems of the human species as a whole, problems that must be dealt with on a societal/global/universal level. Before changing the world however, common sense would dictate that we must first fix these issues within ourselves.

This is much harder than one would imagine. David Icke tackles the analogy of the human body as a computer in a way that I think explains the self-change/improvement dilemma quite well. If we look at the body as a computer then our vices or issues could be considered a computer program. Unfortunately it is not as easy for us to delete these programs from our body computers as it is our laptops (further in the post I will mention some easy and effective ways to start).

When I first began practicing Reiki, my teacher mentioned that as I released my negative energy and adjusted to my new vibrational state that this may be paralleled as some turmoil in my everyday life. This was quite true and the same holds for releasing your personal demons in any situation. The universe is much more interconnected than we realize and this can make change a hard thing to do. These negative “programs” can be imbedded quite deeply in our systems and the deeper they are, the harder are to change/remove. I have been trying to shed my own personal demons for years now and, while I feel I have improved myself, I still have a way to go.

“My position is that creating a positive or a catastrophic future is a personal and collective choice for all of us, and foremost, it is an informed choice.

I took the above quote from this article on ascension (this link is to a re-posted article w/ links to the original site at the top of the page). The article itself is recommended for any interested in this subject and presents a few different ideas on how the ascension may occur. What I liked about this quote however, is the concept of personal choice. This choice of a positive or negative future as a collective will be much easier to make if we clear our individual minds and hearts first.

We all need a little help sometimes so here are just a few ways to help clear your body computer of any negativity. I found this exercise at ascension101.com to be easy and very effective for a variety of issues. You may also like to try meditating with this free MP3 on these issues. Energy healing like Reiki can help, as can energy focused exercises like Chi-Gong and even Yoga.

As bad as things may seem at times we can still change (and are changing!) this world for the better but it will take effort, on both an individual and societal level.