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Despite what the MSM propaganda machine may be saying otherwise, the economy is not doing well. Not just the US economy but the that of the entire world. The markets have their ups and downs but the overall picture in this regard is bleak and getting bleaker by the minute to the point that even the above mentioned MSM have had a hard time denying what is happening. My point here is, so what? Personally, I don’t think an economic collapse has to be a bad thing. This will be  the discussion today although there are a few current events I would like to throw into the mix first.

Is Russia Ruled by a Secret Politburo? This is the question asked by the article I linked to here. Although, on reading the article, one will find that this not a question but rather a statement made by the former president of Ukraine. If you choose to believe him, this means that the president and prime minister of Russia are but puppets to an unseen hand (or rather, hands).

This is information from a respectable source that correlates what conspiracy theorists and other researchers have been saying for years regarding societal control by a hidden and all-powerful (in the money/power/3d bullshit sense, anyway) cabal. If that is the case in Russia, it isn’t much of a stretch to imagine that it would be the case elsewhere as well.

Now, I will once again bring up the Occupy Wall Street protests, for multiple reasons. One being the nice segway it makes into the latter half of this post, another being curiosity as to who is really behind this movement. Prison Planet has had a couple of interesting articles on this over the last couple of days. If people like George Soros are behind this movement, then what is their motive? It is a good question to think about as I’m sure the oligarchy and its cronies’ interests and we the people’s don’t coincide well with each other. The ignorance displayed in interviews by some protesters is also disconcerting but there will always be followers and fools in any crowd. It is just unfortunate when they end up being the ones speaking for the movement when they obviously know so little of the problems (and causes thereof) they wish to address.

As long as people approach these protests intelligently, with the above in mind, they can still be part of a great movement for change. Some folks have the right idea and are calling out those thieving bastards at the Fed as well. Apparently some soldiers are heading to the protests as well… in defense of the protesters. Now, if only the NYPD would see the light and side with the protesters as well…

It is a noble thing that these veterans are doing their sworn duty to protect their country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. It does give me some slight trepidations for the future however, as this could be a prequel to what the folks behind the web bot predict in their latest “Shape of Things to Come” report as the beginnings of the new American Revolution to be happening this fall. It is only in our base, negatively influenced reality however, that revolution has to be violent. With the end of the bankster oligarchy will come the end of the financial world as we know it and, despite all the doom and gloom around the subject, this might not be such a bad thing.

On one of my favorite sites the other day (or maybe it was a week or two ago), the author made a statement to the effect that only a fool would wish for a complete collapse of the economy. A fool with something to lose perhaps, but what about the rest of us? Many people in the US (and around the world as well) have nothing to lose if the economic system collapses (aside, perhaps, from insurmountable debt). Media, both mainstream and otherwise, would have us believe that an economic collapse would correspond to the end of the world but this depends on the public’s perception of the situation.

If we see this collapse as a positive opportunity for change, much pain can be avoided. Who the fuck wants to be responsible for these imaginary debts anyway? The debts are, in fact, imaginary, as they are result of a fiat system in which debt is created from thin air, with no true collateral with which to back it. We, as humans, are held hostage to these bankster ass clown cronies for debts that, in all reality, mean nothing. The end of the economic system as we know it means the end of us being slaves to this senseless cycle of debt and nothing more.

Our technological advances made in this new age will not disappear if our pseudo-feudal farce of a society does. If anything, the technology will advance, freed from the constraints of the service to self oriented ass clown entities who pull the strings at the highest levels of our 3d reality. We will use new, and better, means to buy, sell and barter. Whether they are known now or not is irrelevant as the human race is creative and destined to survive. We don’t need Wall Street, we don’t need the Fed and we sure as hell don’t need anyone charging us a lifetime’s worth of debt for education, healthcare, or anything else that is our god given (or universal, if you prefer) right a sentient being. Not only will we survive the end of our sad economic state, we will emerge from its wreckage stronger than ever (and, if we’re really lucky, short a few ass clowns as well).