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“They’re protesting in the wrong place,” Cain said. “I’m not sure I know why they’re there. If they’re there because they are jealous of Wall Street and bankers and people who have succeeded, then they’re there for the wrong reasons. This country is based on people who achieve their dreams and work.”(Link to Source)

So…the Occupy Wall Street protesters are just haters. Perhaps all these people just don’t really understand how things work…Obama is the problem, the damn democrats and their socialist tendencies…Oh, wait a minute, who was behind a large chunk of Obama’s campaign financing? Oh yeah, Wall Street money. And who does the administration (as did the previous, Republican, administration as well) have in control of our money and economy? Wall Street bankers. In fact, what caused our current depressed economy? It is a complicated answer but no-one can deny that it had a little something to do with irresponsible trading and lending by (drum roll please)…Wall Street bankers. Obama, like most politicians, Cain included, is merely a puppet to international corporate interests and greed.

To say that Wall Street culture had nothing to do with this debacle we’re in is not only ignorant but borders on downright idiotic. And we’re jealous of bankers…is it really fair that, although many of us have an education and are trying to “achieve [our] dreams and work”, a certain select group, due to their choice of profession (and in many cases, good old boy connections) should make an income so disproportionate to the rest of the populace? An income earned in part through dishonesty and, most recently, outright thievery of the public’s money. That said, it isn’t all Wall Street either. It is also the Fed, and the World Bank and, perhaps more importantly, corporate control through financing of our government institutions. There is plenty of good information out there explaining these things if one has the desire to just open their eyes and look.

Big money cronies like Cain (himself a big money man) spit the same rhetoric we have been hearing for years and guess what? Our situation just keeps getting worse. Mr. Cain mistakes his personal fortunes (as in the circumstances that led to his success) as something attainable for all if only we would apply the effort. One thing spurring this animosity between social classes is in fact,  the increasing inability of the lower classes to obtain a reasonable measure of success. His bullshit two-party solutions won’t fix the true problems that are really breeding this inequality and the anger that is generated in turn. That will require a much greater systemic change than anything Mr. Cain is proposing and, in the end, major societal change is what these mass protests are about. How that change will occur is still up to circumstance and future discussions regarding the subject. These discussions won’t come about however, until the ass clowns in charge on this planet concede their desire for greed and power to the better interests of the people as a whole.

Or maybe we could live the new American dream? We could get a job somewhere like Herman Cain’s pizza chain where we would get to work for a massive(<—insert sarcasm here) minimum wage (or, if we really work hard, maybe even make a few bucks an hour more as manager). You can’t eat at work because that would dent the corporate profits but that’s OK, there’s always food stamps, right? …wait, that’s socialism…

Oh yeah…Hey Herman, why don’t you go fuck yourself?