To the Downpressor Man

(inspired by the the Peter Tosh song, Downpressor Man)

A message to the Downpressor Man.

You are the infinitesimal, the miniscule speck of dust with such delusions of grandeur. Your lies became the truths we sought with such vigor to follow and aspire to. Your illusory values and constructs are the building blocks of this self-imposed prison, the walls of which you convinced to us build ourselves. For our own good, for the good of your distorted version of God and the nations you created to keep us divided and asleep, distracted from the truth and warring with our brothers and sisters over so many meaningless dogmas and unfounded assumptions. You pump us full of poisons and fallacies then discard us, colostomy bags so full of your bullshit we can no longer see clearly. You stand on your mountain peak assuming nothing can touch you as your plans seem to fall into place below.

A message to the Downpressor man.

As high as your mountain may be, it will not protect you from the flood you knew was to come. Even the gods can fall and humanity will tear you from that Olympian perch like so many titans. The time has come to reap the harvest of your atrocities. Bury yourself with your money and possessions if you like, under the proverbial rock from which your masters once crawled. They won’t help you now as they only ever wanted to use you as puppets, socks used to wipe up the mess created by their twisted masturbation. The universe has room for dark and light, but here, you are no longer welcome and the longer your departure is prolonged the more painful it will be for you. Downpressor man, there will be no shadows left in which to cower when the light of the loving universe shines.

To the 4d self-serving extra terrestrials:

YOU are the Downpressor man

To the leaders of the religious organizations of the world and those who perpetrate hate in their name:

YOU are the Downpressor man.

To the royal families, the political dynasties, and the secret controlling societies:

YOU are the Downpressor man.

To the thieving banksters:

YOU are the Downpressor man.

To the sycophants who allow injustice to thrive while aspiring to aid in it in an effort to impress those who claim to be superior:

YOU are the Downpressor man.