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As November begins, so does the worry amongst the aware of a new false flag event (one of a similar significance, or perhaps even larger, than 9-11). That said, I won’t be delving into that subject as there is already plenty of speculation out there regarding what it could, or could not, be. Rest assured, however, that if and/or when it does happen, I will be on here, hopefully joined on the web by many others, to tell the perpetrating ass clowns where to stick it (check out the title if you’re curious as to where that might be). Fool us once, shame on you, fool us twice and the results may not be what was intended.

Today I will be getting back to what I began doing with this blog a couple of months by ago and touching on a few current events and of course adding my everyman’s (or perhaps layman’s…) take on them and their greater significance to our ascending human society. First on my list was a Halloween article on Prison Planet about Barack Obama’s allegiance to Satan.

I personally don’t believe in a single-minded Satan entity and further, if there is one  few, in my opinion, are doing more to promote his agenda on earth than the Christian/Catholic churches themselves. What I want to bring up here is the use of the horned hand symbol as mentioned in the above article (and in more detail at this link here). People in today’s society often miss the importance of symbolism. The ass clown elite however, place much more emphasis on it.

The horned hand is flashed these days by many of a rebellious ilk as, to the sleeping masses, it simply implies one’s allegiance to the rock and roll lifestyle (or, in a less rebellious context, the Texas Longhorns). It is also a sign language word for love. I think that most people have no idea that this gesture has a more ancient and sinister meaning than those mentioned above. It’s prominent use by so many establishment figures however, leads me to believe that on another level, that in which the ass clown elite play, it does have deeper meaning and purpose.

In the articles linked to above, the sign of the horned hand is traced back to ancient Babylon. The worship of these ancient Babylonian gods is said by some to practiced by “the elite” to this day. Some research, however, such as these books by Dr. Anatoly Fomenko suggest that our human history (and, by proxy, that of the current control/power paradigm) may be significantly shorter than we have been led to believe. In this case the symbol’s significance would stem from a shorter time frame (hundreds, rather than thousands of years perhaps?).

Regardless of the true origin of this symbol, and as I stated above, its frequency of use by those “in the know” implies it’s importance to them. Since awakening, I have stopped using the horned hand symbol (which, prior to that, I used with relative frequency as what I believed to be an expression of my baddassery) and encourage others to do the same. It is quite possible that this symbol contributes to increasing the negative energy vibrations that hold us down.

Now that the meat (or tempeh, if you prefer) of the post is done, I would just like point out a couple of other current event pieces that might get one to thinking. One would be this list of ways in which the wealthy mock the poor. It may not be surprising, but looked at together, these events don’t paint a particularly pretty picture.

In a somewhat related MSM article, some of the OWS protesters are apparently not as poor as they would have us believe. The facts cited in the article however, don’t tell the entire story. For instance, the article states the following:

“Among addresses for which information is available, single-family homes listed on those police intake forms have a median value of $305,000 — a far higher number than the $185,400 median value of owner-occupied housing units in the United States.”

Of course, the numbers they cite involve protesters who were arrested in the New York area. The New York area is an expensive one in which to live and so, it should be expected that protesters who come in from around the area and own their own homes would have one with a higher estimated value that the national average. With house values like the quoted above, they are still far from the one percent of highest income earners. Besides, there is nothing wrong with the haves taking the side of and helping the have-nots.

That said, I’m sure fakes and followers abound in the protests as that is simply the nature of the human animal mind. I don’t personally agree with everything the protesters have to say but I support them, as I do agree with working to minimize the influence of the ultra elite (…’round here we call ’em ass clowns…) over our lives in every way. Many people fail to realize who these hidden hands really are, however. The Wall Street workers and just drones, even the CEO’s of these all-powerful companies are appointed by major shareholders. The real top percent prefer to remain hidden in the shadows like the reptiles they worship. These are people who the frustrated masses need to be targeting.

The Tower of Babel won’t be brought down by chipping away at its foundations as the control paradigm is actually a pyramid with its power centered at the top. This is one beast that can only be brought down from above