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This week’s post will take a look a couple of different things. First and foremost of those will be a possible sinister intent to the Occupy Wall Street movement. This is not about those few unruly protesters who are simply out to make trouble. Rather, what I am questioning here is the intent behind the movement itself. While 99% of those attempting to represent the 99% may be genuine (if not altruistic) in their intent, there is some evidence out there that the hidden hand of the ass clown elite is once again at work in the movement.

While I have generally been supportive of the protests as a concept, there are many aspects I see that I don’t agree with at all (communism, global taxes, etc.). I feel it is best to approach any situation from a critical perspective and it was with this critical perspective that I came across this interesting little documentary on David Icke’s website. It describes how a private group based in Serbia is engineering the colored revolutions overseas at the behest of the American government (or international ruling elite as that is who the American government truly represents). Utilizing interviews with members of the group (called CANVAS), the video makes a convincing argument that is best seen for oneself (so I won’t rehash it here).

The part I will relate to is the use of the raised fist as the group’s logomark. The logo is visible in all the “colored” revolutions and, as the video points out, the Occupy Wall Street movement. It is important to note that similar symbols have been used in the past well before the Serbian revolution, one famous example of such use being the readily recognizable fist of black power and the Black Panther Party. For the sake of the question I pose here however, we will accept the video’s assumption that the fist logos seen associated with the Occupy movement are the result of the movement’s association with CANVAS.

If this is the case, and if CANVAS is simply a springboard for US/elitist interests, a disturbing question regarding the Occupy movement is posed. That being, why would the United States government be seeking to destabilize their own country? It is understandable (in the context of the fucked up world in which we live, at least) that they would attempt these techniques in other countries in order to promote their own interests. That they would be attempting to destabilize their own country however, suggests an even darker intent and, by proxy, a hidden ass clown agenda.

If wide-spread revolution occurs in the States, the response by our government would likely be just as harsh as the tactics employed by the Middle Eastern dictators our engineered “colored” revolutions have deposed. The answer would, in short, be martial law. The government, in and of itself, would have little if nothing to gain from this scenario. The hidden hands that pull the strings of the puppets in Washington, on the other hand, would likely see this as an opportunity to expand their system of control over the masses.

The economy of not just the United States but the world is preparing to take a tailspin and the Occupy movement may be the first part of a plan to distract the attention of the dumfounded masses from this problem. This could very well be the first unseen step towards martial law, restrictions (at least on a national level) of our individual rights, and the implementation of a world government that would “be needed” to not only quell the riotous populations but also to assume control from the suddenly oppressive national governments. A New World Order in the worst way.

In order to create change in our society we must speak out and make a positive difference. Therefor, the protests can be a good thing but those involved must take stock of all the possible outcomes of their actions. Universe will see that the end result is in favor of us humans but the road to ascension can be rough if those that pave it for the rest of us do so carelessly.

On an entirely separate note, I would like to mention a purported find of some unusual remains in Peru. A new mummy has been found that can’t readily be identified as a human and the article begs the question of whether it could be an alien. Take this as one will. I couldn’t find any corroborating articles with a quick search but news of the mysterious is usually suppressed by the MSM. I believe there are aliens that are interdimensional rather than (or perhaps as well as) intergalactic in nature however, if the theory of a helical, rather than helio-centric, universe proves true we may have to rethink the logistics of intergalactic travel.

Regardless of the truth of this particular claim, or the feasibility of space travel, there are indeed still many mysteries to be solved on this diverse and ever-changing world on which we live. Just because they are suppressed or excused away by the tunnel vision of the pseudo academics who control so much of what we consider to be true does not mean that they should be dismissed. In the age of ascension there will be many new experiences and realities to discover and there is no better tool with which to do so than an open mind.