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My original concept for this entry was supposed to be something of a wake-up call. One in which I would link to various atrocities and fundamental fallacies of past and present in order to get the reader perhaps just a little worked up. Upon beginning writing however, I soon had second thoughts.

Granted, one of the reasons I started writing this blog was to hopefully wake people up and inspire them to contribute to a positive societal change (the other reason was that this seemed more productive, and slightly less insane looking, way to express my random ideas than simply talking to myself…). As time has passes, however, a review of my thoughts has made me realize how even the most noble of my literary intentions can have a way of turning sour on me. Without fail, negativity has reared its head in what was always supposed to be a positive environment.

Upon realization of this problem I soon decided against my original concept for this post. After all, what good is linking to all this negativity really going to do? Fear mongering (albeit, somewhat justified in the uncertain times in which we reside) is everywhere in both the mainstream and alternative media and I came to feel that I shouldn’t help perpetuate it with my simple and rarely viewed little blog.

So I did a little soul-searching and, consequently, haven’t had a post up in little while as worked on figuring out where this concept might be going.In the end, there are countless places to where one can uncover truths on the internet and in print and the dark aspects (of which there are many) of our hidden human history must be faced in order to ascend to higher vibrations of living. That said, I, at this point, do not care to be the one to point them out and perhaps should leave that responsibility with those who are already doing the job so well (my interesting links page has a few of them for anyone interested).

I will try to discuss more aspects of ascension itself and tackle more spiritual conundrums; maybe jump down the rabbit hole of earthly mysteries on occasion as well It is my belief that ascension is not a hoakey new age pipe dream in which all will be saved by aliens or new energy waves (although I believe there may be more than a grain of truth to this latter assumption) or some other miraculous bullshit. Nor do I believe that it will a rapture event, as in the bible, where an angry God saves the pious while condemning the foolish, non-believing sheeple masses to eternal damnation.

Ascension. in my opinion, is a new renaissance era. One which, if we play our cards correctly, can result in a bold new era of spirituality, science, and socio-economic understanding. Changing solar winds may bring about new ways of thinking but it will be the collective responsibility of humanity to manifest those thoughts into reality. These kind of changes take work and will not happen overnight (as on December 21, 2012). It may take a few years, or even decades, but that is really a blink of an eye in the grand timescale of the universe.

The pieces for major systemic change are in place and universe says it is decision time. I don’t often quote the bible but passage comes to mind here for any who hold onto the belief that they will affect a positive change by waiting for it to fall into their laps. A quote used so often it has now become a cliché of sorts although its message remains as relevant as ever, “God helps those who help themselves.”