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As my first post of the new year, I would like to submit to the universe and public at large a logo I created. It might be recognizable to those (few) who read this blog as I also use this image as my Gravatar.

The elites…(excuse me, I meant to say ass clowns) have for centuries, and still do, place a great deal of importance on symbolism. According to David Icke, symbols rather than words are the reptilian 4d entities’ preferred method of communication. One doesn’t have to believe in conspiracy theories to appreciate the importance of symbolism to those who control our societies, however.  A basic education in the arts (and various other fields of study as well) will make this importance abundantly clear. A basic course in marketing will show the student how symbols are more easily processed and memorized than words by the human brain. Perhaps due to our “reptilian” R-complex center or, perhaps, this is reflective of a time in the distant past where humans communicated telepathically and had no need for words (as Zulu oral history would suggest.)

I created this logo to fight back, so to speak, against the onslaught of hidden symbolism thrown at us by the media. While this may, and oftentimes (I believe), is unintentional on the part of those who create and turn out the media in question, that isn’t to say that this bombardment of arcane imagery isn’t real and effecting us on a subconscious level. These symbols and sacred geometric measurements are so ingrained in the human pattern (DNA and otherwise) that they are both produced and absorbed by the subconscious mind. This can be, and has been for centuries, used by those with the knowledge of such things to manipulate humanity into a position of fear, uncertainty and, consequently, servitude.

The No World Order logo utilizes similar arcane symbolism to create an image that is inspiring and empowering to the human race. What follows is the logo itself, followed by a short description of its meaning(s). Any and all who find and like the logo are encouraged to use it freely (I can provide hi-res or vectored PDFs if anyone is interested). It may be printed in black and white rather than color or re-sized (in proper proportions) otherwise, all proportions and colors should must be maintained to preserve the image’s power and integrity. The image can be applied to various backgrounds or as a transparency (as I have done with my Gravatar image).

The logo’s center is at the top of the human head silhouette, the location of the crown chakra which helps connect us to the infinite.

The human figure is a black silhouette with its “third eye” centered at the intersection of the star points. This is reflective of our connection to the universe and the galaxies revolving around a black hole at their center.

A distortion of important symbols such as the star is common in Illuminati imagery (source: David Icke, A Guide to the Global Conspiracy and How to End It) and the same concept is applied here. The star is distorted slightly to maintain overall image proportions close to those of the golden ratio (as well as add a little perspective for visual interest). As mentioned above, the star’s points are centered around the third eye chakra in the human silhouette. The five-pointed star is also representative of the spiral in sacred geometry. This further emphasizes our infinite connection to the universe and creation as the spiral (star) continues forever into the human’s third eye. Viewed from the center out, the star (spiral) represents the eternal universal light (or source connection) we emanate from our being.

The yellow color is that of the sun, an “in your face” to the sun (Ra/reptilian) worshipping ass clown illuminati. It is our sun after all. Some say stars are portals for the creation of energy. If this is the case, then the sun concept emphasizes, once again, our integral connection to the universe.

The triangle centered in the figure’s chest emanates from the throat chakra and expands to encompass the heart chakra. It is representative of the power of our voice to inspire the hearts of others to awaken. If viewed the other way, from the bottom of the image up, it performs another function as a reminder to speak what we know to be true in our hearts.

As art is subjective, I’m sure the viewer will see their own individual meanings to the image as well as my own. If the logo serves its purpose well, those meanings will reflect the image’s intended purpose regardless and the viewer’s additional insights into the logo will only enhance its positive message.

The reason I created this logo is the same reason I started writing this blog; to put our intentions for positive change out into the universe while (hopefully) helping to awaken those still mired in the darkness. Let’s spread the message and get this ascension going!